End Prejudice is a diverse Metro Detroit collective united by a common dream. We gather distant communities together and provide them with opportunities to listen to each others's stories.



SLAM is group of creatives who believe in battling for unity. SLAM gathers artists from various practices and backgrounds to compete for big prizes and form real friendships. Check out our event listings and come join us for our next unforgettable SLAM Live experience!


Circles is a 1-2 year experience for people of all backgrounds who are willing to take on the fight against prejudice head on. It's at Circles that we enter the ultimate process of listening and unity and truly see the fruits of our battle against the evils of division: life-long friendships.


End Prejudice is working on more experiences that will serve communities everywhere. Our future may include initiatives in academia, businesses, athletics, after-school programs, etc. We are dreaming big and praying often. If your heart is beating for unity too, reach out to us today!